Duero Douro, presents its projects and actions at the XI Iberian Biennial AR&PA 2018

One more year, the initiative of the AEICE cluster “Duero Douro: heritage for development” has participated in the Iberian Biennial Heritage AR&PA, which was held in Valladolid from 8 to 11 November, highlighting its commitment to the preservation of cultural heritage in this year 2018 recognized in Europe as the European Year of Heritage.

The presence in AR&PA has served to disseminate the European projects and initiatives that Duero Douro is currently developing: RURITAGE (H2020 programme), WINE&SENSES (COSME programme) and FLUMEN DURIUS (POCTEP programme).

The meeting has also served as a framework for the celebration of the III Seminar on Heritage and Culture, entitled “OTHER VIEWS ON HERITAGE: CULTURE, LANDSCAPE AND GASTRONOMY”. It offered an innovative reflection on the contributions of landscape and gastronomy to the construction of the concept of cultural heritage, having the Douro territory as an example.
Juan Antonio Plaza (University of Salamanca), Jesús Díez (Natural Heritage Foundation), Benito Arnáiz (ethnographer of the Junta de Castilla y León), Miguel Ángel de la Cruz (Chef of La Botica restaurant) and Enrique Valero (Abadía Retuerta-Le Domaine) participated.

The seminar, highlighted the close links between landscape and gastronomy, as well as the extraordinary importance of the natural and gastronomic heritage of the Douro territory.

Cartif, Patrimonio Inteligente and Fundación Santa María la Real, members of the AEICE cluster, also participated in the XI AR&PA 2018 Biennial.