Between 19 and 23 September the Duero Douro initiative of cluster AEICE receives the representatives of the Madra Geopark, in Turkey, as partners of the H2020 Ruritage project. The project, in which 38 partners from 18 countries participate, aims to develop a methodology for the development of rural areas focused on the value of heritage resources and enables an exchange of experiences between role models, Douro Douro in this case, and replicators such as Izmir in Turkey. In 2020 the Duero Douro initiative of AEICE will visit the Turkish city.

The consortium of Izmir (Turkey) working on the preparation of the candidacy of the Gediz-Barkicay basin as a Geopark of the Unesco network, is composed of three entities: the governing body and the planning office of the metropolitan area of Izmir, the IZTECH, one of the key university centers in Turkey and the consultancy Demir Energy, specialized in developing solutions to climate change. They come to Duero Douro with the aim of learning about our botton up model, our experiences and that of the entities that have made possible the implementation and development of the Duero Douro initiative in order to replicate it in their project.

In addition, the Ruritage project has just launched its own newsletter 👉