Ecodesign, new line of activity for Contract Duero and its promoting industries 

The ecodesign of products and solutions linked to architecture is not generalized today, and a certain general ignorance about the possibilities and added value that ecodesign offers to all interested parties still exists.

The Contract Duero initiative of AEICE is aligned with the challenges defined by the cluster: people, technology and the environment. Within this latter, the initiative works around two priority areas of interest: carbon footprint of industries and circular economy.

In these two priority areas, two innovation projects are being carried out:

In the field of Carbon Footprint: Habitat Industry Carbon Footprint Platform: with the objective of designing a methodology and an open and online interactive platform (digital tool) for the minimization of carbon footprint in wood and furniture manufacturing industries. The final results will be presented on 28 March at 10 am at the headquarters of 1A Ingenieros (Valladolid).

In the field of Circular Economy: «HabitARTE» , which is focused on the eco-design of products considering their entire life cycle: design, manufacture, assembly, maintenance/use and reuse. Two eco-design workshops will be held in April and May within the project, together with an eco-design competition that will end with the execution and implementation of the winning prototype.