Automated solutions for sustainable and circular construction and demolition waste management

Resumen y Acciones

The main aim of RECONMATIC is to embed life-cycle C&D waste management as an integral part of processes related to planning/design, construction, operation, repurposing and deconstruction of structures, providing new automation and digitalisation tools or solutions that will improve communication and information sharing between the different actors, enabling them to proactively prevent waste generation or help guide and improve decision-making in the reuse or recycling of materials. We believe that identification, structuring and use of right information addressing particular actors of the build structure life-cycle will be the key to reach high valorization in reuse and recycling and in reaching the overall target for the construction sector to be a zero-waste industry by 2050.

In the area of C&D waste management, RECONMATIC aims to introduce appropriate solutions to achieve cleaner material streams in the sorting of CDW, while at the same time identifying recommendations and appropriate automation steps to further improve the logistics and organization of C&D waste processing. This targeting of the RECONMATIC project is intended to enable an increase in the reuse and recycling of CDW with a preference for technical solutions with higher waste valorisation and to contribute to the prevention or reduction of waste generation by efficient management of construction processes.


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Ceske vysoke uceni technicke v Praze (Coordinator)

The University of Salford

Fundacion Tecnalia Research & Innovation

Nanjing Eurosmart Intelligent Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd

Future Needs Management Consulting

The University of Manchester

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Asociación de Investigación de las industrias Cerámicas

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China Association of Circular Economy