The European Construction Cluster Forum organises a Workshop on new business models in the construction sector

The workshop “Exploring new business models in construction in the face of today’s challenges” was held last Thursday, 15 November, in the Ferrovial Agromán headquarters in Madrid. It was organised by the European Construction Cluster Forum, integrated by Clúster AEICE (Castile and León), Cluster do Habitat Sustentável (Portugal), Clúster Eraikune (Basque Country), Clúster CCS (Canary Islands) and Clúster ICA (Asturias).

The event provided an overview on both the current challenges of the sector, focusing on circular economy and digital transformation, and success stories of business models through real cases. It ended with a workshop  where attendees worked on different project and business ideas in a collaborative manner.

It was a further step in our commitment to intercluster collaboration, which is offering a novel and positive experience for the clusters and their members, enabling networking among similar entities in different countries and the exchange of information: “going further together”.